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While the Apple Vision Pro is expected early next year, the brand needs to entice with dedicated content. That’s what it starts to do in its TV application by selling 3D movies.

To sell its Vision Pro Apple digs up 3D moviesApple Vision Pro // Source: Apple

In a few months, the Vision Pro will be available in the US for the modest sum of $3,500. It’s expensive and it gets even more expensive when there’s not much to do with it. That’s why Apple is already starting to sell content that works with the headset.

3D movies in the TV application in preparation for the launch of Vision Pro

As 01net reports, users of the Apple TV application on Reddit pointed out the appearance of a “3D” logo on certain content. A logo that logically only appears on the American version of the application: It is logical that the headset will (initially) only be sold across the Atlantic.

1699628780 515 To sell its Vision Pro Apple digs up 3D moviesThe film “Trolls World Tour” on Apple TV // Source: Mcnuggetmonster via Reddit

What proves that it is indeed the Vision Pro is mainly because no Apple device supports 3D. This is also because this logo is in the shape of Vision Pro: it can be recognized by the shape of the mask. It is located in the same place where we find the annotations of 4K, Dolby Atmos or even Dolby Vision. Among the films affected we find Trolls World Tour, Jurassic World: The World After, Paficic Rim Uprising, Sing 2, Jurassic World and even Avatar 2.

Are we in 2013? No, we are in 2023!

A few years ago, 3D TVs were all the rage and 3D cinema at home became the new trend that would change the TV cinema experience. In 2023 it will be “out of fashion”, if the manufacturers are to be believed. All that remains are specialized cinemas that offer 3D (or more), albeit at prices sometimes criticized by consumers.

To sell its Vision Pro Apple digs up 3D moviesApple Vision Pro // Source: Apple

What if the Vision Pro brought 3D up to date? In any case, this is one of the promises that Apple made when presenting the headset last June at WWDC.

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Originally posted 2023-11-10 15:06:22.