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As an alternative to Black Friday, Singles Day is an event that takes place on November 11th, a date consisting entirely of the number 1 and also called “Singles Day”. Discover the list of good deals below.

Alibaba, which owns the platform AliExpress, invented Singles Day. It’s a promotion that runs from November 11th to 17th and announces breathtaking offers – that we won’t even see on Black Friday. On Asian brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus or Roborock, You won’t find a better deal throughout the year. Below is the feed with the best offers, which will be published tomorrow morning at 9am.

And be smart: if you add the product to your cart now, you don’t have to add the coupon until 9 a.m. to see the valid price. Some products have a large inventory, others don’t, so plan for as much as possible. To find out which coupon you should use, it’s easy: the main image of each product contains the codes.

Here is our selection of the best offers:

Check out Singles Day deals on AliExpress

Singles Day on AliExpress is the big highlight of the year for the retailer platform, the global market leader in e-commerce. On this single day of November 11th. The Alibaba Group generated a third of Amazon’s annual sales. The numbers are staggering, Single Day is an operation unparalleled in the world. Since AliExpress has a large presence in France, this event is becoming increasingly popular – overshadowing part of Black Friday.

Over the years, AliExpress has greatly developed its catalog to offer its customers high-quality products. As you can see in the selection above, you have the biggest brands in each industry. AliExpress has close relationships with Asian brands, but also develops Western products such as Google Pixel.

Unlike Black Friday, which is punctuated by flash sales, Singles Day allows you to discover the deals from day one. This Saturday, November 11th, you will therefore have all the offers that are online. As the hours and days pass, you find yourself with less and less inventory available. The closer we get to the end of the event, the more items are sold out. So you need to hurry up to grab the best deals as quickly as possible. Even if this means that you must exercise your right of withdrawal 14 days after delivery of the product.

Offers you shouldn’t miss

Above you will find the list of the best Single Day deals in high-tech and home appliances, updated in real time. Not surprisingly, we find the biggest Asian brands on AliExpress. The strength of the platform is that the discounts apply to the latest products from these brands – some of which are very high quality.

This is the case, for example, with discounts granted on smartphones such as the OnePlus 11 or the Xiaomi 13. In a cheaper segment – and more popular among the French – there are devices such as the Redmi Note 12 Pro, the OnePlus Nord or the Poco F5, which are sold on Single Day on AliExpress with discounts of up to -50%.

Check out Singles Day offers

But it’s not just Asian brands that take center stage on Singles Day. To celebrate this November 11th day, AliExpress is also pushing very popular western brands like Google. There are also telephony discounts on the latest Pixel generations (including the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, which were released a few weeks ago).

One of the most outrageous offers of this Singles Day remains the PlayStation 5. AliExpress has decided to sell Sony’s next-gen console for 400 euros, which is 30% less than the official price (549 euros). This standard PS5 is not available in many copies, you have to react. We ordered it last September as part of a reasonably similar offer on AliExpress (for the editors), it works perfectly. Around Christmas it is the guarantee of having the console at a price that has never been offered by a competitor since its launch.

Black Friday simply has to hold its own against the rise of Single Day on AliExpress. If the amount of products at low prices is certainly more limited than on a Black Friday on Amazon, the discounts are much more crazy. Products that are discounted are clearly the best deals of the year that you can get on Singles Day.

AliExpress is doing its best for Singles Day

Since there is no Black Friday in Asia, retailers and brands on this continent prefer to focus on Singles Day. While it has long been limited to a single day, AliExpress has decided to extend the promotion with a promotion from November 11th to 17th. Be careful though, supplies often don’t last more than a few hours.

For its Single Day promotion, AliExpress is significantly reducing the prices of all highlighted products. You will receive discounts of between 20 and 80% on brands that we know well in France. But as a rule there are only a few hundred copies of each reference available at a reasonable price. You must therefore hurry up to confirm your order and have the opportunity to save money.

During Single Day, the AliExpress retailer fulfills its obligations: so you have 14 days to change your mind, return the order for free and receive an immediate refund. Also note that AliExpress delivers most of its products from French warehouses (VAT included) for free and within a few days. It is a real comfort that is becoming standard in France.

To see the Single Day offers on AliExpress, click here:

Check out Singles Day offers

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