McDonald’s burgers could get bigger

Do McDonald’s hamburgers make you hungry? Rest assured, because the American fast food giant’s managers are working on an extra-large menu to satisfy even the biggest hunger.

Chris Kempczinski, the leader of the Golden Arches chain, has announced that larger burgers will soon appear on his menus.

McDonald's burgers could get bigger


“Larger burgers could interest our customers in the American market and elsewhere in the world,” he revealed on the sidelines of the announcement of the opening of 9,000 McDonald’s restaurants around the world.

Chris Kempczinski did not provide any information about the size of the new burgers or when the novelty would come onto the market. The initiative will launch in a limited number of restaurants before expanding to the entire chain.

Currently, a beef patty at McDonald’s weighs about 45 grams.

McDonald's burgers could get bigger


The giant has already announced a number of changes to its menu to improve the quality of its products. In particular, the burger preparation steps were changed around fifty times to make the meatballs juicier.

Additionally, the famous Big Mac will feature more sauce and customers will have the option to choose brioche buns when building their burger.

McDonald’s is currently experiencing one of the fastest growth periods in its history. Within four years, the chain could have around 50,000 restaurants worldwide.

According to the New York Post