French passwords are considered too weak! –

A password manager regularly conducts surveys on the security level of these access codes. The latest study shows that many French people still use passwords that are considered too weak and can be decrypted in seconds, according to experts.

Unsafe passwords, but easy to remember

NordPass password manager regularly conducts surveys on the security of passwords used by Internet users. The company wants Investigate habit development with the explosion of cyberattacks and the awareness (perhaps still insufficient?) of the importance of creating a strong password.

Unfortunately, experts note this old habits remain. In other words, many French people still prefer to use it easy to remember passwords at the expense of security. NordPass was able to observe the facts after analyzing millions of passwords linked to their identifiers.


The experts analyzed “publicly available” passwords on the Dark Web or hacker forums, as well as data published after security incidents. NordPass worked with cybersecurity researchers to collect the data.

Six times zero or even cozy: Overview of the passwords most commonly used by the French

NordPass is listed in this study the passwords most used by the French. Among the top 10 we find the following terms: Doudou, Loulou, password or admin. The suites 000000, 123456, 1234561 and 123456789 are also very popular among the French. The same applies to Azerty and Azertyuiop.

THE Names of football clubs, Marseille, for example, are also frequently used by our compatriots. However, this trend is not limited to the French. The Spanish and even the English are also affected by football fever when it comes to password creation.

Small emotional names like Chouchou (or the first name of the husband, wife, children, etc.) are particularly popular among the French. NordPass warns that these passwords are easy to decrypt using ad hoc software. With these tools One second is enough to crack these passwords, which are described as elementary.

Experts recommend using strong passwords and diversifying codes

Despite this observation, which is alarming to say the least, the study still shows that users Take more precautions when it comes to securing access to financial accounts. In the latter case, the data usually reveals passwords that are more secure than, for example, streaming platforms or similar services.

Experts can’t say it enough: Use strong passwords to access your accounts. This is a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Also consider creating long code. Long, memorable passwords are much harder to crack than short and overly complicated passwords.

In any case, Choose a code that you can remember. Although it is recommended to include some complexity, there must be a balance between security and recall. Finally, Avoid using the same password for multiple websites. On many platforms, this increases the risk of compromise in the event of a security breach.