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Do you want to consume responsibly but get a little lost between all the labels? For this purpose Bien or Bien was created. Originally it was the merger of two committed companies: Ulule and Maif. The Good or Good guide was published in September 2021. “He is a bit like that new friend who you can trust with your eyes closed to make the right decisions for even more sustainable consumption.” The website offers a directory with a selection of committed brands, by category and by environmental or social ” Columns”. Many products are for sale at Ulule Boutique.

Many brands are signatories to the Bien ou Bien charter

Many brands, 310 to date, have signed the Bien ou Bien charter, committing to stating where, why, how and by whom the products were made, and sharing the journey they still have ahead of them. : Areas for improvement and their future commitments . The website also offers a magazine section for more sustainable consumption with portraits of creatives, practical guides for better daily consumption or a selection of products and brands.