A Google Drive error removes files from multiple users – francoischarron.com

Users of the cloud backup service Google Drive report that several files have disappeared from their account. The cause of this situation appears to be a bug that causes files from the last few months to be removed from Google Account storage.

Google Drive is certainly one of the most popular services offered by the Mountain View company because it allows us to store all our files in the cloud.

This is convenient for making backups or accessing our files from any device.

Our files must still be there… Which doesn’t seem to be the case anymore with several users who have noticed their files from the last few months disappearing!

6 months of missing files

It was initially a user named Yeonjoong who reported the situation on the Google Drive help page.

Hello, my Google Drive files suddenly disappeared. The drive has literally been reset to May 2023 status. The data from May to today has disappeared and the folder structure has been reset to May.

Other users then responded to his comment by also sharing similar situations.

Many people have noticed that their files from the last few months are no longer in storage space, which can lead to panic when it comes to important files!

What to do while waiting for the error to be fixed?

As of this writing, Google has recognized the issue and responded to Yeonjoong’s comment with the following words:

This issue is currently being investigated by our product engineers and we are also awaiting a root cause analysis to see how we can resolve it. Due to the ongoing investigation, we cannot provide a turnaround time at this time.

So while you are waiting for the problem to be solved, it is better to be vigilant.

It’s best to avoid having a single backup copy of an important file on Google Drive.

It would also be advisable to make copies on other media. You can consider using a USB stick, external hard drive, or another cloud service like OneDrive or Pcloud while you wait for the problem to be resolved.