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GTA VI isn’t expected until 2025 as online scams are already on the rise. Between questionable alpha versions and overpriced pre-orders, this is just the beginning for the most anticipated game of the moment.

GTA 6 The scams begin between false pre orders and dubiousSource: Take Two

Since the release of its first trailer, Grand Theft Auto VI has officially become the most anticipated game of the next few years. Although we’ll have to wait until we can play and even hear it in 2025, the trend is already towards scams on the internet.

Unsurprisingly, many malicious users are already capitalizing on the current craze to sell fake pre-orders of the game and even alpha versions to test now.

GTA IV pre-ordered for $225? But of course !

Fake listings for GTA IV have been popping up online in recent days, starting with a PC version of the game selling for $225 on shady key resale site G2A. If we know that the game has not yet been announced for PC, the scam is obvious to the most informed players, but not necessarily to the general public.

GTA 6 The scams begin between false pre orders and dubious

The seller in question, a user with 99% positive feedback, has since withdrawn his offer and replaced it with an Xbox Series X/S version for $137. Since we know that the game will be released in the dematerialized version at a significantly cheaper price, such an offer is uninteresting. But could fool more than one uninformed user.

Even more daring, YouTube ads even mention an alpha version of the game that can be downloaded to preview GTA IV. This shows an image of the trailer with an inscription that represents the game’s font in the most believable way possible.

1703082860 872 GTA 6 The scams begin between false pre orders and dubiousSource: Autoevolution

We suspect that if you’re reading Frandroid, you probably won’t fall into such a trap, but that’s not the case for everyone. We therefore recommend that you be vigilant and report these types of fraudulent offers and advertisements as often as possible. And to wait as best we can until 2025.

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