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WhatsApp is slowly starting to roll out a new feature that will make it easier for you to find a message that arrived a long time ago.

WhatsApp offers you a very handy feature for finding oldThe WhatsApp application // Source: Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Group conversations on messaging apps can last very, very long and become endless. While discussions about planning an event are generally shorter, this is rarely the case with endless family or friendship conversations. In this context, finding an old message can be very complicated if you don’t want to endlessly scroll to the beginning of the conversation.

In this regard, WhatsApp has implemented a new feature discovered by the Android Police website. Specifically, when searching for a message in a discussion in the meta messaging application, you can now select a date in the search bar using a calendar icon. After selecting the search term and date, you will only have access to messages that were sent on the exact day you were looking for.

A feature that is currently provided in a limited manner

This feature was made available to some users in beta in early November, but now appears to be available to more users.

whatsapp-beta-android-calendar-s (1) whatsapp-beta-android-calendar-s

However, at the moment it appears that search by date is only offered to certain users selected in the AB test, with deployment occurring on the server side rather than the application update side.

However, the acceleration of this deployment seems to promise imminent availability for all users. In addition, as Android Police points out, this functionality will be available not only on the Android version of WhatsApp, but also on the iPhone as well as in the web version of instant messaging.

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