Withings Thermo Connected Temple Thermometer – Apple

The Withings Contactless Thermo Thermometer delivers an accurate temperature and automatically syncs with its app on the iPhone or iPad. The app allows you to track temperature readings, schedule reminders, and report symptoms and associated medications to receive advice directly on your iPhone.

Medical precision

Thermo measures the temperature of the temporal artery, which is considered the best place to detect temperature fluctuations because the blood flowing there comes from the center of the body.

Simple and efficient

To take the temperature, simply run the thermometer along your forehead without touching the skin. This is the most hygienic way to measure a person’s temperature.

Instant information

The temperature is displayed directly on the device. A colored LED lights up and shows you whether the temperature is normal, high or severe, taking into account the patient’s age.

You know when to act

Measurements are automatically synced to your iPhone or iPad. The Thermo app provides accurate health advice based on age, temperature history and symptoms. And Boston Children’s Hospital provides Thermia, which provides information on medications and appropriate dosages.

A complete diary of your health

In addition to monitoring temperature and symptoms, you can enter comments, medications, and photos for each user profile. You can see the effectiveness of the treatment or take a medical history to share with your doctor.

For the whole family

Thermo can track up to eight users. The names are displayed on the device and you can assign the temperature readings to one of them to view them in the corresponding profile in the app.

Compatible with Apple

The Thermo app is compatible with iOS 8 or later and syncs with the Apple Health app. Temperature readings can also be viewed in the Withings Health Mate app timeline.