LG mycup: a fun eco-friendly machine for washing cups and water bottles – Journal du geek

Ahead of CES 2024, LG discusses its program and its focus on the environment. The South Korean company announces that it will travel to Las Vegas to present a container washing system. Halfway between the very compact dishwasher and the dishwasher, the LG mycup features “cutting-edge technology” to improve the daily hygiene of cup and water bottle users, the company explains.

How does LG mycup work?

Before the big meeting in Las Vegas, LG explains in detail how its mycup works. Simply place a container in the device and select one of the two washing programs: quick wash or extra wash. The manipulation is carried out through the LG mycup application and the selected program is displayed on the screen at the top of the device. This allows the user to track the progress of the washing process and receives a notification when the process is complete. Note that the system can only clean one container at a time.

LG Mycup 3© LG

LG states that the two programs run with water heated to 65° to ensure a healthy and thorough cleaning. The Quick Wash program uses bubble jet technology and cleans the inside of the container in just 30 seconds, according to the brand. The Extra Wash program goes one step further and provides thorough washing and drying, especially for dairy products. The manufacturer states that it has an integrated device that gently cleans and dries with a multi-directional water jet and powerful hot air.

Reduce water consumption and think about the future

The latest innovation from LG relies on a compact format of 230 mm wide, 430 mm deep and 900 mm high. This thin and compact format, designed to take up minimal space, could be one of the main advantages of this product. LG is already envisioning installation in trendy cafes or offices.

LG Mycup 2© LG

“Compact and easy to use, the LG mycup cleans water bottles quickly and efficiently with powerful cleaning features. It promotes a sustainable lifestyle to protect the planet that we will leave behind for future generations,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, President of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Division. He added: “We will continue to develop products that have a positive impact on both our daily lives and the environment, paving the way to a cleaner future.” »

The LG mycup will be on display at the LG booth during CES 2024, taking place January 9-12, 2024 in the United States. The company will use the event to make further announcements, which we will present to you on Le Journal du Geek.