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With the Google Pixel 8, Google is ushering in a new era for its smartphones: that of sustainability. The aim is to allow the new Pixels to stand the test of time thanks to hardware changes and a brand new software support policy: updates will be offered for seven years. Something new without changing your smartphone – what if that was the secret to longevity?

With the Google Pixel 8 you are not ready toThe Google Pixel 8 // Source: Chloé Pertuis for Frandroid

The International Forum on Electronic Equipment Waste estimates that nearly 5 billion cell phones were thrown away in 2022. A small ecological disaster when you consider that currently barely 20% e-waste is recycled (if it is recycled properly) and smartphones many of them contain rare metals and various pollutants. This impressive figure can be explained by several factors: the appeal of the latest smartphone models, the fragility of the oldest models and the difficulty of repairing these high-tech objects.

However, mentalities are changing in the right direction. The smartphone replacement cycle is lengthening to almost three years (compared to two previously), and refurbished products are taking an increasingly significant market share. A change that smartphone manufacturers, especially Google, are apparently also accepting. When releasing its Pixel 8, the manufacturer placed emphasis on the longevity of its smartphone. Expansion of phone support and spare parts provision, better repairability index: enough to significantly extend the life of this new generation of Pixels. If you change your Pixel after two years, it’s probably not your phone’s fault…

7 years of updates: Longevity according to Google

Owners of Android smartphones know it well: after a few years there is no longer any question of updating the cell phone. A common practice among most manufacturers and a factor that does not have a positive effect on extending the life of smartphones. It’s difficult to continue using a terminal that can’t run the latest applications…

With its new Pixels, Google has decided to completely change the situation. The Google Pixel 8 will be able to benefit from Android updates over the next seven years, which should see it last until Android 21 in 2030, as Frandroid pointed out in its review of the device. A significant step forward since the Pixel 7 was only eligible for updates for three years. Same treatment for security updates, also extended to seven years.

1702388658 95 With the Google Pixel 8 you are not ready toThe Google Pixel 8 // Source: Chloé Pertuis for Frandroid

Enough so that the Pixel 8 can continue to benefit from the services of the Pixel Experience, which is still one of the best interfaces on the market today. For owners of the Google Pixel 8, unless the hardware changes drastically in the coming years, this also means the appearance of new exclusive features for their smartphones in the coming years.

A design that focuses on solidity and repairability

To create a smartphone that can withstand the test of time, Google then relied on the robustness of its Pixel. The Google Pixel 8 is thicker than its predecessor and of course more robust. Its rounded corners, weight and more elongated silhouette also ensure a good grip, which of course reduces the risk of accidental falls.

When it comes to workmanship, Google has maintained the design quality we are familiar with. The materials selected are of excellent quality and the overall construction is both visually appealing and durable. The manufacturer uses Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 protective glass for both the back and the front to limit breakage and the risk of scratches. It also has an IP68 certification, which guarantees resistance to water (and even immersion) and useful dust.

1702388661 50 With the Google Pixel 8 you are not ready toThe Google Pixel 8 // Source: Chloé Pertuis for Frandroid

However, the big novelty of the Google Pixel 8 in terms of longevity lies in its repairability. Google’s latest product received a very good repairability rating of 8.2/10, while its predecessors were closer to a 7. In addition to the efforts made to ensure disassembly accessibility, access to spare parts in particular caused the rating to skyrocket. In fact, Google has pledged to maintain the supply of replacement components for the next seven years. An unprecedented advance for the manufacturer and rather rare on the smartphone market.

Google Pixel 8: a powerful smartphone from 1 euro

If Google’s offering with its Pixel 8 has convinced you, perhaps it’s time to give it a try. For what ? Simply because Google’s latest smartphone is available at a reduced price from Orange for the end of the year holidays. For example, the operator offers you the opportunity to purchase the Pixel 8 in its 128 GB version with a discount of 50 euros if you take it alone (without a package). Enough to pay 749 euros for it, instead of the normal 799 euros.

The operator also has another offer in its portfolio. By committing to a 5G plan for 24 months, you can significantly reduce your Pixel 8 bill:

  • with the 5G 200 GB package for 32.99 euros per month (for 6 months, then 44.99 euros per month), the smartphone drops to 249 euros instead of 349 euros;
  • with the 5G 240 GB package for 64.99 euros per month, the smartphone drops to 1 euro instead of 79 euros;