With nearly 2 million deaths, this creature is undeniably the most dangerous in all of Starfield! – Millennium

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Your A space odyssey could have become a nightmare Starfield as you were chewed by creatures, each more violent than the last.

What was the worst monster of the game, the best weapon or even the Number of planets visited, Bethesda uses the end of the year to share Pay !

Big numbers for Starfield and the best weapon?

On their official blog, Bethesda released some interesting stats for Starfield, including the most dangerous monster in the entire game!

The Ashta is therefore the ultimate predator of Starfield, the creature was responsible for no less 1,712,447 deaths in the gamea damn good record.

This isn’t the only information the infographic reveals. We experience this no less than 1,972,345,902 planets have been visitedand although many of them have been criticized as empty and useless, that’s a lot of stones.

The most commonly used weapon in the game, and for good reasons, is the Beowulf with almost 600 million victims To his credit!

Are there any major updates to be expected in 2024?

As Bethesda celebrates the end of the year with its interesting statistics, the company also takes the opportunity to announce the next updates!

But we’re not just here to say goodbye to 2023. We’ve been working hard on everything coming to Starfield in 2024. While we’re not ready to go into details yet, here’s a sneak peek of what we’re preparing.

First, we plan to update approximately every six weeks starting in February.

These updates include quality of life, content, and feature improvements. Join our Steam Beta branch to be the first to try out these updates as they begin rolling out.

We’ve heard your feedback and can’t wait to release these new features. We’ll be adding new travel options and you can now access city maps as you explore major cities.

For those of you who enjoy building ships, we will also be expanding ship customization with decorations, new ship building options, and more.

From beautiful promises add Play style And optimization what players might like and what the game really needs!