With Android 14 – 01net, Google is finally taking note-taking seriously

In version 14, Android will finally give wings to the note-taking application Keep, which has been sorely lacking in integration with Google’s mobile operating system.

Android 14 is working on a new system setting for note-taking apps. Google Keep is obviously affected and will now be accessible from the lock screen in addition to stylus support.

Further integration of Google Keep in Android 14

Among the best new features of Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2 is the ability to change lock screen shortcuts. In fact, you can now add shortcuts for the camera, Do Not Disturb mode, QR code scanner, flashlight, etc. Today a new shortcut appears, namely the one for taking notes. However, for it to work, you need to set an application as the “default note taking application”.

Note app standard AndroidImage credit: Android Authority

Google Keep 5.23.482.04 is now eligible to become a default note-taking app. To do this, go to Settings > Applications > Default Applications. To see this selection page, you need to enable the “Force Notes role activation” option in Developer Options (for now).

This gives Google Keep the super power of launching from the lock screen, always useful for quickly taking a note without the user having to unlock the device.

Android Note app shortcutImage credit: Android Authority

Another good news is the ability for standard applications to access the API, allowing the user to take a screenshot of the current window and paste it into a note. Previously this was not possible for confidentiality reasons.

Google is preparing pens

Finally, Google seems to emphasize the compatibility of its note-taking application with pens. The Pixel Tablet supports pen input, but Google doesn’t sell any official accessories. The reason may be that the software part is not ready yet.

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Another note is that the Gboard app will soon be updated to support handwriting with a pen. Google is therefore taking this seriously and could first update its applications before offering a stylus that could compete with Samsung’s S-Pen and Apple’s numerous Pencils.

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