The Territoire de Sciences is hosting a journalists' residency dedicated to scientific news – Echosciences Grenoble

On December 19, 2023, the Territoire de Sciences welcomed a guest journalist on the topic of scientific news and the connections between researchers, journalists and intermediaries. Return to this experience.

In 2023, Amcsti, the professional network of scientific, technical and industrial cultures, in collaboration with AJSPI, the Association of French Science Journalists, launched a short-stay program that allows science journalists to observe the mediation work and daily life of scientific cultural structures in their place or at Roaming.

The Territoire de Sciences is hosting a journalists39 residency dedicated

The objectives of this program are to establish a connection between scientific cultural structures and scientific journalists, to enable journalists to participate in outreach and training measures in a scientific approach, and to confront editorial teams with the reality of the public and its questions in all areas.

In this context, Territoire de Sciences welcomed the independent science journalist Emmanuelle Picaud on December 19th. Emmanuelle specializes in urban planning, the environment and the humanities and social sciences and in particular initiated and coordinated an international investigation in a team of four European journalists.

The Territoire de Sciences is hosting a journalists39 residency dedicated

The theme of this residency revolved around the concept of scientific news and the way it is understood by three different professional groups: researchers, journalists and mediators. A topic that the journalist was able to question by discussing with three researchers and a representative of the scientific cultural community: Xavier Delfosse, astrophysicist (IPAG/OSUG), Hugues François, INRAE ​​researcher, Guylaine Guéraud-Pinet, researcher in information and communication sciences (IUT-1 Grenoble) and Marion Sabourdy, responsible for new media at Territoire de Sciences.

The meeting began with the presentation of a series of formats related to current events in museums and science centers, such as the Espace Science Actualités and the Blob from Universcience, the Carré de l’actu from the Cité de l’espace, Sciences Ouest from l’Espace des sciences, Curieux! from Nouvelle Aquitaine Culture Scientifique Industrial Technique, some examples of live events around events such as the Science Festival or the landing of Philae in 2014, but also the Space Scoops or the Flush out workshop “Fake News in Astronomy” of the French Astronomy Association.

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Science Space News at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris

This residency offered all speakers the opportunity to discuss a variety of experiences and questions related to current issues, media and media education, such as: the training of general journalists in academia, the question of temporality in our professions, finding balance in Desire to re-read articles and in freedom of expression, in media training, in the training of scientific communicators for current scientific results, in the visibility of female scientists instead of laboratory communication officers and in the crisis of expertise.

Finally, the half day ended with an observation of high school classes visiting Cosmocité, particularly in the permanent exhibition on earth, universe and environmental sciences, as well as in the immersive space for the “Before GPS” workshop on astronomy, the history of science and geography.

In parallel with this post, an article written by Emmanuelle about this residency will be published in the next Amcsti bulletin in June/July and shared on Echosciences Grenoble.

An event as part of “Decrypting the world”

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A big thank you goes to the following people and structures: the journalist Emmanuelle Picaud, the Territoire de Sciences team (in particular Audrey Korczynska and the Cosmocité facilitators), the researchers Xavier Delfosse, Hugues François and Guylaine Guéraud-Pinet, the Amcsti (in particular Renaud Sorot). ), AJSPI, IPAG/OSUG, INRAE ​​​​and IUT-1 from Grenoble

>> Illustration: Vlada Karpovich