WhatsApp introduces one-time voice messages – Journal du geek

WhatsApp recently announced Ephemeral Voice Messages, a feature that allows users to send voice recordings that are automatically deleted after listening to them just once. This new feature expands WhatsApp’s capabilities to strengthen the privacy of its users. Voice messages, which are very popular on the platform, now benefit from improved security, especially when sharing sensitive information.

Beware of built-in recording tools

The process for sending these messages is simple and intuitive. Users simply need to select an option after recording their voice message. Once listened to, these messages disappear permanently, giving them a solid additional guarantee of confidentiality.

“To be consistent with single-view photos and videos, single-play voice messages are clearly marked with the “single-view” icon and can only be listened to once,” explains WhatsApp. The messaging system also ensures that these messages are end-to-end encrypted, like all exchanges on the platform.

However, the app recommends only sending individual views of photos, videos or audio messages to “people you trust”. She also reminds that there are other ways to watch media individually or listen to a voice message individually. For example, recipients can use a camera or other device to take a photo or video of your single-view media before it disappears. And then if the user or recipient uses an Android device, voice and audio messages can be recorded individually using the built-in recording tool.

The introduction of read-once voice messages follows the introduction of ephemeral photos and videos in 2021. This feature already allowed users to send images and video clips that were deleted after viewing. WhatsApp has therefore extended this approach to voice communication, meeting the needs of its users who want to share content in a more controlled and secure manner.

WhatsApp is owned by Meta, which could turn off even the most demanding users when it comes to privacy, given Facebook parent company’s terrible reputation in this area. However, we must give credit to the embassy for making an effort to earn their trust – the constant focus is on end-to-end encryption, which is part of the application’s DNA. By providing such tools to control message lifespan, WhatsApp allows its users to share sensitive information such as banking details or surprise projects with greater peace of mind.