WhatsApp Adds a Much-Needed Security Feature, MacBook Pros Will Go Online Without Wi-Fi, Here’s the Summary – Phonandroid

WhatsApp messaging adds a key security feature, future MacBook Pros won’t need Wi-Fi to get online, Pixel 8s have bumps, that’s the summary!

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What’s new on the tech planet? Artificial intelligence is clearly celebrating. An AI section has been created in the Chrome browser’s web store, which has undergone a revamp. Maybe you’ll find something that helps you in your work, even if it’s not the products from this startup designed to help us transition to the 3-day week. In the meantime, here’s what not to miss from November 21, 2023.

WhatsApp finally allows you to secure your account using this very popular method

There are features that are so obvious that we sometimes forget that some services don’t have them. WhatsApp messaging, for example, despite being the most used globally, waited until November 2023 to provide linking of its account to an email address. You can now receive an email to confirm that you are trying to log in to WhatsApp. If you wish, confirmation via SMS is still possible.

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The next MacBook Pros will also be able to go online without WiFi

This is a time that those under 20 may not know, but for others, Apple will fix a defect in its MacBooks after two decades. In order to connect to the Internet with a “Please Apple” laptop, you need a WiFi network. With future models, connection via 5G will instead be possible, as many Windows PCs already enable. Be patient: it won’t be until 2028.

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Many users’ Pixel 8 has bumps on the display

While the iPhone 15 has issues with overheating and screen burn-in, the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro experience bumps. Yes, yes, bumps. Bulges appear to have been caused by pressure on the inside of the phone’s OLED panel. It is unclear why they appear. Of course, it does not affect the functionality of the device and does not even affect the display, but still.

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