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We have been talking to you about this since 2015. The GNU/Linux system, intended to be as simple as your smartphone’s interface, is now available in version 5.1, a major update to the distribution (released in early 2023). which now provides Endless Key by default.

This time the time has come: Version 5.1 of Endless OS is here and offers its users numerous new functions. New downloadable images are now available. Summary of new features.

What is Endless OS?

Endless OS is a Debian-derived distribution with a modified GNOME desktop environment. Its simplified interface is reminiscent of the world of a smartphone or tablet.

Endless OS 5.1: What’s new?

Endless OS 5.1 includes the following new features:

  • The Linux kernel has been updated to version 6.5 for better support of current hardware.
  • The NVIDIA graphics driver has been updated to version 530.41.03 for better support for devices with NVIDIA GPUs.
  • Endless OS 5.1 brings several improvements to Raspberry Pi supportbut it should still be considered an unfinished project.
  • Shotwell is now available as a flatpackwhereas previously it was integrated into the operating system.

Endless Key integration

Endless Key is now included in new installations of Endless OS 5.1. If you already use Endless OS, you can search for Endless Key in the App Center or download it from Flathub. As a reminder, this is an application that includes dozens of carefully selected educational resources to enable immersive learning (available for Linux but also for ChromeOS).

Endless key

Open source

Publisher Endless Computers publishes its FOSS components and forks on GitHub.


You can download the new version, go to this page. Upgrading from an older version has been paused due to the discovery of a bug, but should be available again in the coming days. Follow the forum to find out more.

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