Three lies recommended to get a job

Honesty is a very noble quality, but it could hurt you in an interview.

An American recruiter reveals her top tips for getting your dream job in a TikTok video, and they involve three key lies.

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1. The reason you quit your job

“If you’re leaving your current job because you don’t like it, because you don’t get along with your boss or your colleagues, you’ll lie about it,” recommends headhunter Bonnie Dilber.

“Avoid telling people that your boss doesn’t like you and that everyone is really difficult to work with. All you’ll hear is that you’re difficult,” she adds.

Instead, she recommends acknowledging that everything is going well, but you’re interested in a new or bigger challenge.

2. Your reasons for applying for this position

“Everyone wants to work for the money and benefits, but you don’t have to mention that to your future employer,” says Ms. Dilber.

The latter suggests instead communicating what you find exciting about this job and why you would be an interesting addition to the company.

3. Your future plans

“I don’t care if you start graduate school in six months and only need this job temporarily […] and that you intend to abandon ship as soon as you find something better. When people ask you what your plans are for the next five years, your plan is to work for this company,” Bonnie says.

“Your plans are about excelling in your role and growing as opportunities arise,” she says.

She concludes: “Recruiters are not stupid. Everyone knows that if everything was great at your current job, you wouldn’t leave. We know you’re in it for the money and the benefits. We know you think you would go somewhere else if there were better pay and benefits, but these are universal things.

That’s why it’s important to differentiate yourself from other candidates, says the professional.