‘They’re Thinking Way Ahead’: New McDonald’s Location Opens in the Middle of Nowhere Without Power, Stunning Viewers – The Daily Dot

Recently, TikTok user @thumbs.up.canuck noticed that McDonald’s had decided to open a new location near them. He wasn’t just excited, but confused – especially because of the location of the restaurant.

“It’s literally in the middle of the field,” says the Quebec-based TikToker. “It’s surrounded by a farm and there’s not even electricity. They run the damn place on a generator! That’s crazy!”

His video currently has over 32,000 views (as of Sunday). The McDonald’s location is located in Saint-François, Laval, Quebec.

Immediately, TikTok users began cries of conspiracy in the comments, saying that McDonald’s Canada’s corporate offices must know something that everyone else doesn’t.

“Then you know what’s coming,” said one user. “They wouldn’t put it there for nothing.”

“The apartments are coming soon,” offered another.

“In two years it will be surrounded by strategically planned houses,” echoed a third.

“All surrounding farms are about to be bought and sold to developers,” another TikToker explained.

While some theorized that this location could eventually become part of a large truck stop, the general consensus was that this was a strategic real estate move. Commentators claim that this area is likely to be developed soon; Therefore, McDonald’s purchased the property at a lower price, assuming that traffic will increase in the future.

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“You’re thinking way ahead,” one commenter declared. “I remember seeing a 7/11 west of Lubbock and thinking, why, tons of people live nearby now.”

However, many insisted that remote McDonald’s locations like this one were of better quality than other, more centrally located alternatives.

“Best McDonald’s you’ll ever have,” declared one user.

“These are the best McDonald’s. always fresh,” wrote a second.

McDonald’s has been a popular topic of discussion on TikTok for some time. Users have taken to the platform to complain about the high prices. One of them claimed he paid $25 for three items. Others have simply used TikTok to showcase new in-store technology, such as the chain’s egg cookers, or to demonstrate how to recreate famous McDonald’s dishes at home.

The Daily Dot contacted McDonald’s Canada via email and @thumbs.up.canuck via a TikTok comment.

*First published: November 26, 2023, 1:00 p.m. CST

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