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With its 2024 Soundbars, LG is redefining its audio experience, offering immersive sound, seamless integration with LG TVs and advanced features.

SEOUL, South Korea, December 19, 2023 /CNW/ – LG Electronics (LG) introduces its 2024 soundbar lineup, including the S95TR, SG10TY and S70TY models. These soundbars are perfectly matched to LG TVs and promise an enhanced home theater experience with their exceptional sound quality, extensive features and stylish design.

By optimizing the complementarity between soundbar and TV, LG takes the home audio experience to a whole new level. The latest soundbar models guarantee total immersion and simplified use. With WOW Orchestra technology, LG soundbars and TVs maximize their audio potential, creating an unparalleled sound space while enhancing the depth and dimension of sound. Perfect for a surround sound experience, the new LG soundbars offer the exceptional quality of Dolby Atmos, supported by the cutting-edge technology of DTS:X.

WOWCAST technology boosts audio quality even further by allowing the S95TR and SG10TY to wirelessly connect to LG TVs. This innovation ensures excellent sound quality without compromise, including Dolby Atmos sound reproduction. All three new soundbar models feature the WOW interface, an intuitive and easy-to-use solution that allows you to effortlessly manage soundbar settings and share sound modes with the TV.

LG’s new soundbar range is dominated by the high-end S95TR model, which offers an impressive 810W of power and immersive surround sound from its 15 channels. The S95TR model features five upward-firing channels, including the world’s first upward-firing center speaker, creating an unparalleled three-dimensional audio experience with increased clarity and a larger soundstage. Additionally, the center speaker’s upward angle ensures a seamless audiovisual experience by providing a precise height relative to the TV.

The S95TR model features improved tweeters that produce clear, precise sound. It also features a passive crossover that enriches the bass, optimizing the sound balance between the soundbar and subwoofer. The optical design of this model is significantly enhanced by a matte color palette, workmanship and materials to effectively reduce glare.

Another addition to LG’s soundbar range, the SG10TY model is the perfect audio and video companion for LG’s premium OLED TVs. Thanks to WOW Orchestra, WOW Interface and WOWCAST technologies, the SG10TY model fits perfectly with LG OLED TVs, improving the visual experience and providing a greater sense of immersion. What’s notable is that connecting WOWCAST to the SG10TY model and a high-end OLED TV from LG creates a wireless home entertainment experience with no visible cables between the screen and the soundbar. This Wi-Fi supported soundbar offers an impeccable listening experience with Hi-Fi audio quality. Listeners can enjoy their favorite music on streaming platforms such as Tidal Connect and Spotify Connect. The SG10TY’s thoughtful design perfectly matches the frame width and colors of LG OLED TVs, providing a seamless visual match when combined with an ultra-thin OLED TV.

LG will also launch the S70TY soundbar model, ideal for LG QNED TVs thanks to its slim and compact design. This model also features the industry’s first upward-firing center speaker for better speech intelligibility. The angular design ensures a seamless audio-visual experience and precise adjustment to the height of the TV screen.

A dedicated stand for the S70TY1 model allows users to place the soundbar directly under the QNED TV for a sleek appearance. This bracket provides a convenient direct mounting solution, eliminating the need to drill holes in the wall during installation. The mount allows for customizable wall mounting of the S70TY soundbar at different heights or locations, ensuring an aesthetically ideal installation, great comfort and an optimal sound experience.

LG’s Triple Level Spatial Sound technology uses channel analysis through a 3D engine to captivate listeners with realistic sound and a compelling sense of space. Additionally, LG’s Intelligent Room Calibration feature, praised by consumers and experts for its improved sound, quickly analyzes a room’s environment and adjusts settings, tailoring the sound to your surroundings. The acoustics of the room. New in 2024, the Smart Room Calibration feature expands the ability to calibrate the sound of the surround back speakers, extending sound immersion and providing greater installation flexibility.

In 2024, LG also plans to bring new editions of speakers and headphones to the global market. Despite its compact design, the latest XO2 model delivers the authentic, omnidirectional sound of LG’s XBOOM 360 speaker. Featuring a distinct cone-cylindrical design, this speaker radiates sound in all directions so everyone in the listening room can enjoy consistent, high-quality sound. Its compact dimensions, 20-hour battery life, and IP55 rating increase its portability and versatility. The latest XBOOM 360 speaker features unique 360-degree ambient lighting with audio reflectors and a new lighting design that exudes a feeling of openness and diffusion.

LG TONE Free headphones remain the ideal on-the-go option, with user-focused features and a comfortable fit. The latest T90S model offers balanced sound, improved Dolby head tracking technology and a refined adaptive active noise cancellation system. In addition, the T90S model supports both wired and wireless connection functions, allowing users to enjoy their favorite shows, movies and music on non-Bluetooth devices by using the charging case as a Bluetooth transmitter.

“LG has always been committed to providing unparalleled premium audiovisual experiences with the aim of improving the lives of its customers,” said Lee Jeong-seok, head of audio business at LG House’s entertainment business unit. “We remain committed to providing immersive home entertainment experiences with premium soundbars from LG and ensuring our customers enjoy an optimal experience with optimized surround sound for LG OLED and QNED TVs.” »

LG’s latest home entertainment innovations and technologies will be showcased at the LG booth (#15501, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center) at CES 2024, January 9-12. Don’t miss out on LG’s exciting new offerings at CES by using #LGCES2024 on social media.

About LG Electronics’ Home Entertainment Division

LG’s Home Entertainment division is a recognized innovator in televisions and audiovisual systems. LG offers a premium home entertainment experience with its award-winning OLED TVs, celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2023, and QNED LED TVs, powered by the innovative webOS smart TV platform. To provide consumers with a premium experience, all LG home entertainment products are designed with the environment in mind, from production to disposal. For more information about LG, visit www.LGnewsroom.com.


This mount, compatible with the S70TY model, is sold separately.

SOURCE LG Electronics Canada

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