The Wi-Fi connection of the potential iPhone 17 keeps ink flowing –

This holiday we just learned that Apple would have difficulty developing its own Wi-Fi modem. The latter, which picks up a similar component but is intended for 5G, should appear for the first time under the hood of the iPhone 17 iPhone 17 Pro. Devices that will probably see the light of day in September 2025, as is often the case with the American cell phone collection.

When Apple sets out to develop its own hardware, the result is often very good. Especially on Macs, Apple silicon chips are among the fastest on the market. These regularly receive praise from critics, although their operating system is still too closed for some. But for the publisher, this is a good way to guarantee users more cybersecurity – which isn’t all that wrong.

The transition is underway

According to the media DigiTimes, which is again reporting on the affair, Apple has not abandoned its proprietary Wi-Fi chip project. Apparently it’s just a delay, as this happens more than rarely with the company. The group, led by Tim Cook since 2011, notably failed to launch the AirPower wireless charging mat, which was in the news until recently.

So what can we expect until then? For our source today, Apple would simply continue to trust one of its most important historical partners on the connectivity side. This is Broadcom, known for its wide range of semiconductors around the world. The company is now worth more than $520 billion on the Wall Street stock exchange, but is still far behind the industry leader TSMC. The latter equips the processors of Macs, but also iPhones, iPads and even AirPods wireless headphones.

Several Apple technologies use Wi-Fi

Let’s say it without batting an eyelid: the iPhone 15 Pro is already very fast when it comes to connecting via WiFi. Compatible with the Wi-Fi 6E standard like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Titan smartphones benefit from some tools that are not available from the competition. In particular, Apple came up with AirDrop, which allows you to share a file between your devices over Wi-Fi in a few seconds. We can also cite the case of AirPlay for music playback. – Official app – Official app

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