The PS5 Slim is here. So what’s different from the original PS5? –

Gaming News The PS5 Slim is here. So what’s different from the original PS5?

Published on November 25th, 2023 at 2:00 p.m


After many rumors and an official announcement last month, the PS5 Slim has been released. On this occasion, the editorial team presents it to you in this JV Fast.

The PS5 is getting a new face! At least that’s what PlayStation is announcing with its “new model” nicknamed Slim, which will eventually replace the existing version. With the new, smaller and lighter shape, the manufacturer wanted to eliminate the small defects of the original edition. In an article on its blog, the brand revealed the sale of this PS5 “2.0” around the holidays. It just arrived in France this Friday, November 24th and will be broadcast to the rest of the world in the coming months. With a slimmer silhouette, the model is 30% smaller and 18% and 24% lighter than its big sister with a larger 1TB SSD.

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The PS5 Slim is here.  So what's different from the original PS5?

What’s new in the PS5 Slim?

The new PS5 has just arrived and we explain all these details to you in this JV Fast. The PS5 Slim with the nickname is at the same retail price as its big sister: 449.99 euros for the digital version and 549.99 euros for the standard edition. In the case of the PS5, which is specifically intended for the digital sector, it is also possible to add a floppy drive (removable), which is available separately for 119.99 euros. Small problem, you must have an internet connection at the time of installation and update, otherwise the Blu-rays will not start. The “classic” already has the corresponding player. Once your console is ready, you will need to purchase the base to place it vertically (29.99 euros) so that the air vents under the machine are not blocked. There are two tips included in the scope of delivery for horizontal installation.

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Inside the machine, the only difference is the storage capacity. As already mentioned, the object has a new SSD with larger storage capacity. If you want to know all the information in detail, you can check out our dedicated article. Now you know everything about the new PS5 Slim. Please note that a more powerful Pro version may be available in late 2024 or early 2025.

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