The Competition Bureau is investigating Roger’s Infinite plans

The Competition Bureau has received an order forcing Rogers Communications to provide it with documents related to an investigation into its Infini wireless plans.

The federal organization is investigating whether Rogers offers unlimited wireless data plans that are capped by reducing bandwidth – resulting in a significant slowdown in data speeds – when a certain data threshold is reached.

“The Bureau wishes to determine whether Rogers’ marketing practices raise concerns under the Competition Act’s civil deceptive marketing practices provisions,” the organization said, emphasizing that “no conclusions as to the existence of misconduct have been reached at this time.”

The company defended its Infinite plan by arguing in a statement to the media that the terms were clear.

“Since launching these plans in 2019, we have eliminated data surcharges, which represents a positive and significant change for consumers and competitors,” the company argued.

On its website, Rogers currently offers Infinite plans that claim data speeds of 1GB per second. However, this speed is reduced after reaching a certain threshold, which varies depending on the plans offered.