The Anacrusis has left Early Access and surprisingly it still sucks – NoFrag

The Anacrusis was released in early access in January 2022 and didn’t charm the editors, even if it made us laugh. This plastic clone of Left 4 Dead quickly became as abandoned as Chet Faliszek’s brain and continued to receive updates. A few days ago the developers finally released a trailer for the launch of version 1.0. As a reminder, in a huge spaceship you can play as one of four survivors who must cooperatively survive increasingly aggressive waves of aliens. Now you have access to Episodes 4 and 5, the last of which contains maps suitable for short games, both in Versus mode and Campaign mode. Versus mode, which can be played by 1 to 8 players (including bots when no players are present), allows you to play as either the survivors who must escape or the aliens who hunt down the escaping survivors.

Additionally, modders enjoy Steam Workshop’s support for their creations, and achievement unlockers are rewarded with cosmetics for every trophy achieved. The trailer doesn’t sell the dream, it seems hard to imagine players coming back and, more importantly, staying in this game. Someone needs to explain to us the delirium of twerking at the end of the trailer, is this an act of desperation for them? Part of the developers?

Out of professional conscience, one of the editorial staff, who prefers to remain anonymous, tried to start a game. Apart from the fact that he wrote “C3IS HORRIBLE” (sic) after just 2 minutes of play, it seems that his experience was not very good due to a still missing feeling and omnipresent delays…

But if you’re a bit strange and interested in joining the thirty players of The Anacrusis, you can get it in version 1.0 on Steam for less than €16 until December 19th.