Telegram is ready for Vision Pro – 01net

The upcoming launch of the Vision Pro will be an opportunity to see a large number of applications optimized for visionOS, the operating system for the mixed reality headset. Telegram messaging is ready!

Since June, Apple has provided developers with software tools to design new applications and optimize their existing apps for the Vision Pro. And even if they don’t want to mess with the mixed reality headset, their creations can be viewed on the device’s screens, which are compatible with iOS and iPadOS apps. But of course they fit better with a little adjustment.

A floating interface

Apple is expected to launch its new device in the US in early 2024. While the number of customers may be rather limited given the asking price ($3,500), there is no doubt that many developers want in. This will be the case with Telegram: Pavel Durov, the head of the messaging service, shared a short video showing how the “spatial computing” version of the application works.

Telegram Visionos 2© Telegram

Telegram respects the aesthetic principles of visionOS and has a transparent interface that gives it a certain depth. On the left there is a sidebar that provides access to the main areas of the application, which also includes all functionalities. Including spectacular animated stickers that go beyond the scope of the app!

Telegram Visionos© Telegram

Messages can be dictated or typed using the keyboard, it is possible to share videos and view correspondents’ stories. From what we can see, it’s pretty complete… All that’s missing is the headset to enjoy it!