A new feature for Google Contacts, the launch of the RTX 5090 is getting closer, this is the summary of the week – Phonandroid

Google Contacts improves with loved ones location feature, Nvidia could launch its new GeForce RTX 5090 card faster than expected, we take stock of the new features that will accompany the Galaxy S24 Ultra, this is the roundup of the week .

A new feature for Google Contacts the launch of the

Contact management for Android smartphones is improving and Nvidia could bring the RTX 5090 to market as early as 2024. While the DonTorrent site continues to evade government blocks, thermal radars will begin handing out fines in January. This week we take stock of what we can expect from the Galaxy S24 Ultra as its launch draws ever closer.

A very practical new function is added to Google Contacts

Good news for Android smartphone owners. In fact, the Google Contacts application has now been improved with a very handy new feature. The idea is to find loved ones directly through the application. If your contacts agree to share their location via Google Maps, you can find their location in real time. To use this new feature, go to your Settings to update your application.

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A new feature for Google Contacts the launch of the Photo credit – 123RF

39 domain names in a year for the DonTorrent site

Although the authorities have tried to block it, the illegal download site DonTorrent continues to play against the rights holder group Motion Picture Association (MPA). In fact, the Spanish platform is stubborn and the administrators did not hesitate to change its domain name 39 times in a year every time the authorities blocked it.

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1703397499 718 A new feature for Google Contacts the launch of the

News from the Galaxy S24 Ultra

The launch of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is approaching and we already know that Samsung will be making several changes to its future high-end smartphone compared to its predecessor. Titanium design, brighter screen, Galaxy AI integration, increased performance and improvement of the main sensor – the S24 Ultra promises to appeal to a large number of users.

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Lyon’s thermal radars are ready to hand out fines

Lyon is the city that will test thermal radars on the M6 ​​and M7 roads from January 2024. Thanks to infrared sensors, radar devices can record the number of passengers on board, penalizing drivers who drive alone in carpool lanes. Fines will fall from the start of the year and drivers who break the law will have to pay 135 euros, or 90 euros if they pay within 15 days.

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Nvidia could introduce the RTX 5090 as early as 2024

While the year 2024 has already been rich for Nvidia, which will soon launch a new GPU range to strengthen the RTX 40 family as well as new GeForce RTX 40 SUPER graphics cards, the manufacturer could also bring forward the launch of the GeForce RTX 5090 In fact, the competition would push Nvidia to introduce the new Ada Lovelace Next architecture from the fourth quarter of 2024.

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Our tests of the week

Red Magic 9 Pro: Ideal for gaming and small budgets

If you are looking for a smartphone for gaming and your budget is tight, the Red Magic 9 Pro is for you. It will seduce you with its performance, its complete gaming interface, its beautiful, perfectly calibrated and bright screen, its audio experience and its complete connectivity. We also love the included charger and protective case. Despite everything, there are a few shortcomings in this attractively priced smartphone, especially when it comes to heating control and autonomy, which could be better.

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Huawei MateBook D16 2024: excellent value for money

This ultraportable computer currently offers the best value for money on the market. In our test, we were impressed by the pretty premium design, the comfortable keyboard and the very well calibrated screen. The MateBook D16 2024 is also very powerful and offers excellent battery life. We regret that the screen is limited to 60 Hz and the audio part is so average. Huawei may also remove some unnecessary pre-installed software.

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Škoda Enyaq Coupé 85x: more efficiency for the same price

Škoda does not increase prices, but rather improves the electrical performance of this coupe version. The high-end L&K definition is welcome and the manufacturer offers an important update here. However, we regret that the coupe version is so expensive compared to the classic SUV model.

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