Target Roasted for Black Friday Signage at Exact Same Price – TMZ

Target roasted for Black Friday signage…What kind of deal is this?!?

11/25/2023 4:56 PM PT

TikTokers are attacking Target to prove that the major retailer’s Black Friday deals may not be what they seem — showing that some sticker prices are the same…regardless of the day.

There’s a viral trend on the app right now: Gen Z people go to their local Bullseye Center and browse the Black Friday sales that happened yesterday. However, based on what they capture, they seem to indicate that clever marketing is afoot.

Watch the video and you’ll see what we mean… In at least three cases, people remove the “Black Friday Deals” signage that has a price on it, revealing the price tag hidden in the background. In the examples shown here they are the same.

A girl came across a pallet of televisions, and the Black Friday discount is $429. But when she removes the vacation price card, there is a matching number on the regular card behind it. In other words, she’s suggesting there’s no real deal involved here… just new cardboard.

Another guy does something similar, but over in the clothing department… where he deducts a sticker price for a pair of pants – which then shows that the price has been increased from $25 to $30… so the guy thinks Target’s price is so high that it makes it seem like people are saving.

While most people are familiar with such things – companies adjusting prices and signage to capitalize on a holiday – these young people apparently think they’ve discovered Watergate! ????

We’ve reached out to Target for comment on this – but there’s not much else to say… Welcome to capitalism, everyone. Well then, buy some more new stuff and be happy, damn it!