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The game for Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Bros Wonder, which was released just a month ago, is already on sale at Cdiscount.

It was one of the games expected on Nintendo Switch at the end of the year! Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been available since October 20th. Normally the Super Mario Bros. game sells for more than 60 euros. At Cdiscount, Wonder only costs 44.99 euros.

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This Nintendo Switch game, reserved for players ages 3 and up, takes you on crazy adventures with Mario and his friends in the Flower Kingdom invaded by Bowser. Mario, surrounded by his team, will try to save Prince Florian’s kingdom. He has to jump, swim, run and sometimes even fly to progress. Many enemies will try to block his path, but Mario has more than one trick up his sleeve, including new powers that complement Mario’s classic powers, namely the Fireball or the Star.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is sold at Cdiscount for less than 45 euros

In this new Mario adventure it is possible to play as Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, but also Princess Daisy or Yoshi. It is possible to play alone or locally with up to 4 people. You can also play online with your loved ones.
Among Mario’s new powers we can mention the Elephant Apple, which transforms the player into an elephant to fight enemies with its trunk, but also the Bubble Flower, which allows you to blow bubbles to face bad guys or move around! The Drill Mushroom helps you dig through the floor and ceiling to find new places to explore.

During the adventure it is possible to collect badges to gain fun new powers. Miracle flowers are also placed along the path. These change the game environment. The goal is to find and harvest seeds.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is available on Cdiscount for less than 45 euros.

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