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The life simulation’s fifteenth content pack arrives on December 7th – and the possibilities are crazy.

After spending the summer outdoors in The Sims 4: Ranch Life, it’s time to invest in real estate. This Thursday, December 7th, players of the life simulation (which celebrates its 10th anniversary next year) can discover For Rent, the fifteenth expansion pack that, you guessed it, offers the possibility of becoming a good and forever owner to get worse. An extension as usual for €39.99 for computers and home consoles.

Real apartments to share

The main innovation of For Rent is the ability to build not just a house, but also a real residential building, which can be divided into six separate apartments, each of which can accommodate eight Sims. A residence that, as you can imagine, needs to be managed to generate hefty rental income. But owners also have responsibilities: maintaining the apartments, carrying out repairs and solving neighborhood problems.

Four new desires, five character traits and one new fear are also on the menu, so that routine no longer has a place in your everyday life as an owner. You also need to make sure that everyone feels comfortable in your apartments, because if the rating is too low, there is a risk of a real mutiny.

Likewise, your Sims can also be renters (and therefore avoid all the hassle of property management) and their behavior will need to be closely monitored – as this trailer suggests.

New world and new playing fields

This big novelty is of course accompanied by many new community events, such as pool parties between tenants, but also a great night market or peaceful walks in the Botanical Garden or the animal shelter in the new world of Tomarang.

Inspired by Southeast Asian countries, Tomarang evolves, to use the cliché, “between tradition and modernity”. The EA Games blog informs us about the opportunity to discover new culinary specialties, but also new types of construction such as stilt houses near the beach and historical bridges.

The Sims 4 for rent© EA Games

Remember that The Sims 4 is now free to play in the basic version and that 2024 should offer us more details about its sequel, The Sims 5, still called Project René internally.

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