PlayStation Plus: Subscribers can look forward to a new free open-world game – Popcorn Game

Hello gamers who love pop culture and video games, it’s Dylan on the phone to tell you about the latest PlayStation Plus update. Well, we’re not going to lie, it’s been a bit disappointing in terms of content lately, but stay tuned because a recently added open world game is simply amazing. In fact, we’d go so far as to say it’s definitely above the rest, but don’t just listen to me, look at what the entire internet is saying about it.

I know some of you won’t be impressed by this free news, but honestly this is GTA 5, a legendary game with such a dedicated fan base that when the GTA 6 trailer was released it was pure madness that everyone rushed to Look at it.

Oh, and have you seen that the GTA trilogy has been added to Netflix?

Yes, my friends who love cars, burglaries and discretion, GTA 5 has arrived on PS Plus to save the service after months of disappointing offers. Undoubtedly, this gesture will not end the intense pressure on the service, but it will warm the hearts of players thinking about purchasing or renewing their subscription.

When the latest free games for PS Plus were announced, one player joked: “Sorry guys, I’m the person who recently delayed purchasing GTA 5, which they designed the catalog update for,” to which replied another user: “I’m kidding, but I’ve actually been thinking about buying it recently – I’m excited.” »

Oh yes, some of us rushed out and spent money to get a copy of the game without needing PS Plus, while others saw our patience rewarded. For those upset about spending money only to find out a few days later that they could have gotten the game for free, here’s a quick reminder from a helpful gamer: “At some point PS Plus will no longer be available, So at least you can keep it. »

With GTA 6 rekindling our passion for the Rockstar Games franchise, it’s the perfect time to return to GTA 5 and prepare for what awaits us in 2025. We are ready. We are ready.