Nubia Z60 Ultra: Android smartphone with updated multi-camera design revealed in new leak –

ZTE’s Nubia announced at the address that it would release “the first Ultra of 2023-24,” leading to speculation that it would launch its next flagship Android smartphone before Samsung did Samsung before Samsung . Leaks suggest a Nubia Z60 Ultra that is flatter on both sides than its predecessor.

Nubia pioneered the flat camera riser this year with the RedMagic 9 Pro. However, the effect was only partially evident in the rear camera that appears in Nubia’s first teaser. It seems to have lost a lot of height compared to the Z50 Ultra, but it is possible that it has also lost the central part, Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Compared to the Z50 Ultra, it seems to have lost height.

In fact, the lens shown with a red border is just one of three lenses on the back of the Z60 Ultra, including a differently shaped black lens and a third lens with clearly periscopic zoom in the style of a periscope. At least that’s according to recent information on Weibo, which claims that the Z60 Ultra will also be available in white in addition to the black on its official posters.

The leak also suggests that Nubia has gone to great lengths to implement the classic camera model – there’s even a long, thin flash next to a red, Leica-like flash in one corner, although it’s too blurry to tell whether it is a real camera or not.

Regardless, the elements on the back of the device stand in stark contrast to the under-display camera (UDC), which in turn looks very similar to that of the RedMagic 9 Pro. It could be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and other high-end internals in the Z60 Ultra.

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