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In an ever-evolving crypto market, uncertainty has become the constant companion of traders and investors. With the future of established currencies and new projects uncertain, it is difficult to find the next big project that can generate significant returns.

In an ever-evolving crypto market, uncertainty has become the constant companion of traders and investors. With the future of established currencies and new projects uncertain, it is difficult to find the next big project that can generate significant returns. Now let’s take a look at ScapesMania.

In today’s climate of uncertainty, exploring new projects can offer cryptocurrency enthusiasts a new perspective and a chance to diversify their portfolios. Staying open to new horizons can bring unexpected opportunities.

Would you like to explore projects like this? Check out ScapesMania.

This new player has already raised over $2,300,000 in retail alone, with $65,000 to $140,000 being raised every day. After hitting the $2 million mark in a flash, $2 million in December seems like a realistic goal for this groundbreaking project.

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The dilemmas of the crypto gaming industry

Today, the crypto gaming market faces two major challenges. The first is the abundance of pyramid schemes that benefit the former at the expense of the latter. Secondly, there is a huge gap between gaming projects and the target audience: cryptocurrency enthusiasts are looking for profits, while gamers are looking for nothing more than a premium gaming experience and do not want to delve into cryptocurrencies.

Failure to find solutions to these problems often results in players and token holders leaving projects. ScapesMania is designed to address these challenges by entering the casual gaming market. Unlike crypto gaming, this sector is currently booming with a value of $376 billion.


The innovative approach of ScapesMania

With its innovative basic idea, ScapesMania brings a new perspective to the crypto market. The project ecosystem is sustainable because it is aimed at a wide audience.

By uniquely bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3, ScapesMania perfectly aligns the interests of casual gamers and cryptocurrency users. As a player, you don’t need to unlock the secrets of cryptography to enjoy an addictive game. Conversely, supporters do not have to play to take advantage of all the benefits of this gaming ecosystem.

Through DAO governance, ScapesMania not only attracts casual players, but also allows Web3 enthusiasts to influence development and benefit from the project’s success. In this area, everyone gets exactly what they want.

Benefits for token holders

ScapesMania allows the Web3 community to express themselves. Thanks to DAO governance, it allows its holders to influence the course of the project.

Then purchasing ScapesMania tokens brings bonuses to investors. You can unlock multiple purchase or acquisition bonuses for a maximum total of 127%. Additionally, you can earn referral rewards by introducing your friends to ScapesMania.

Nevertheless, the developers want to make the token a deflationary coin. The latter are ready to buy back and destroy part of the tokens, thereby reducing the supply and increasing profits for holders.

Finally, by locking a certain amount of ScapesMania tokens, you can earn additional coins as a reward (stake).

A project to analyze for more security

When considering new crypto projects, it is important to prioritize security. ScapesMania’s smart contract has already undergone rigorous testing by leading security companies.

Behind ScapesMania is an award-winning team that has secured a prestigious grant from a giant in the blockchain industry.

The creators of ScapesMania maintain open and public social media accounts and connect with a thriving community of over 60,000 followers. This desire for transparency not only underlines their commitment, but also paves the way for future growth.

Heading to new heights for ScapesMania?

Now let’s talk about the potential prospects of ScapesMania.

First, ScapesMania operates in an ever-growing $376 billion casual gaming industry. Projects in these markets often have significant expansion potential.

Secondly, ScapesMania is already listed on crypto project tracking platforms. This step precedes the listing of possible CEXs that would decide to offer it to their users.

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Third, ScapesMania stands out from single-purpose projects. This ecosystem is thriving in a booming market and caters to a diverse audience.

Fourth, ScapesMania tokens are a real bargain at just $0.00507 per coin in pre-sale. With each additional phase of pre-sales, the price will continue to rise.

The community’s enthusiasm so far is palpable: $2,300,000 has been raised so far through crowds and retailers alone, and the $2,500,000 mark is looming.

Source : Twitter. Source : Twitter.

Should you invest in ScapesMania?

In the current climate, few cryptocurrency traders can afford to bet on an unknown and unknown blockchain project. Luckily for any skeptics who may have missed the big bull cycle, ScapesMania’s growth indicators are obvious:

  • Potential Profits: By participating in the pre-sale (especially in the early stages), you buy your asset at a cheaper price than at the time of listing.
  • Liquidity: ScapesMania could be listed on major crypto platforms, which could increase its visibility and liquidity.
  • Benefits for Holders: Supporters can participate in the governance of the DAO, earn staking rewards, and benefit from token buyback and burn mechanisms.

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