Jeff Bezos & Lauren Sanchez's Christmas Nature Walk with Family – TMZ

Bezos & Sanchez: Nature-filled Christmas walk… Back in the city after the holiday

12/25/2023 12:50 PM PT

Jeff Bezos And Lauren Sanchez landed in Miami just in time for Christmas – but their “winter wonderland” looks like a normal summer day…just look at their hiking attire.

The couple took a walk with their family members on Sunday in a park near their property on Indian Creek Island – which later becomes Bezos’ home base Leaving Seattle behind earlier this year. Looks like they were enjoying it out there…because they had some spring in their step.


Plus, they were dressed like it was June, not December…which probably has something to do with the area in Florida – it’s pretty warm year round, so they can get away with it.

Lauren rocked a top that exposed her toned arms and shoulders… while JB showed off his legs in shorts. Of course they were wearing sunglasses too…in fact it was the whole family. Talk about a power family – that’s the kind of vibe they give off as a unit.

Remember, Jeff and Lauren were just in the Caribbean last week enjoying a… little vacation trip together… but it seems they wanted to be back in the US on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day.

For them, it crowns the wild last few weeks in which they sailed across the open sea Ring in birthdays with friends in style… with flash and money to spare. Seeing them here in a more subdued setting, it seems like they’ve finally come off a one-year high.

They definitely look grounded and in step… telegraph their marriage come. It must be nice to start the new year with these two – they have a whole world to conquer.

Happy (hiking) trails to you all.