"How do I use ChatGPT?", "What is 49-3", "Where is Arras?"… what the French were talking about in 2023 according to Google – LaDepeche.fr

The gist There is an infallible way to find out what was on French people’s minds this year and what their conversations were about: the most popular Google searches. War in Gaza, earthquake in Morocco and artificial intelligence – a look back at the most important news of the year that will certainly heat up Christmas discussions.

It is certain that the topic will come up at Christmas between cheese and logs. Artificial intelligence, which fascinates as much as it frightens, has featured in numerous “whys” and “hows” on Google this year. In 2023, the topic was even at the top of searches, with a newcomer making a sensational entry into our lives this year: ChatGPT. Curious, the French asked Google how to rephrase a text with AI or how to write a cover letter with ChatGPT.

What’s less funny is that the news this year has been dominated by war and terrorist attacks. This leads to searches on Google about Hamas or Arras (site of a deadly attack), which many internet users obviously had difficulty finding on the map of France.

Not surprisingly, the government’s most popular tool has been sought politically more than once. “What is 49.3?” is one of the most popular search queries of 2023. How a Motion of no confidence has also been the subject of numerous research. After the news surrounding the immigration law, it is not impossible that the French asked Google: “What is a?” Motion to Dismiss“…This is also a controversial topic that is perhaps better not to discuss with the family at Christmas…

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Finally, even more amazing research was conducted this year. Many French people have asked themselves… “How did he die?” Mickey Mouse ?” Or: “Why were chainsaws invented?” But also: “Why are basketballs orange?” Or: “How do you wish for a happy Ramadan?”

The French ask themselves questions that are sometimes very practical, sometimes more profound and others easier. And this year it is once again confirmed that current events play a very important role in our questions.