Housing crisis: Ottawa will reissue “house catalogues”.

In view of the housing crisis, the Trudeau government is preparing a new edition of the house catalog concept.

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Housing Minister Sean Fraser will announce on Tuesday that consultations will begin early next month to develop a new version of the initiative used during and after the Second World War.

Beginning in the 1940s, pre-approved design catalogs helped expedite the construction of housing for war factory workers and war veterans.

The idea was to standardize house building plans to build more and faster.

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) produced several of these catalogs until the 1970s.

Given the current crisis in the country, the Trudeau government has decided to launch a new version of this initiative, a federal source confirmed to TVA Nouvelles.

Ottawa also wants to help provinces and municipalities acquire their own catalogs, they say.

The news was first reported by Global News.

The source consulted by TVA Nouvelles did not specify how many units Ottawa would like to have built under this initiative.

The housing shortage in Canada remains glaring.

According to a CMHC report released in September, the country needs to build 3.5 million new homes by 2030 to address the current crisis.

On Tuesday evening, the House of Commons passed third reading Bill C-56, which proposes to abolish GST on the construction of new rental housing.

This measure was announced by Justin Trudeau in mid-September.