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More than 4 million players have joined the Sea of ​​​​Stars video game platform developed by Sabotage Studio. Since its release at the end of August, the game has been a huge success and has won multiple awards.

Sea of ​​​​Stars wins Best Indie Game at the Game Awards and Best Indie Game at the Golden Joysticks. He also won awards at the British Academy Film and Television Awards (BAFTA).

A studio in Quebec

Based in the Saint-Roch district, Sabotage studio has been active in the world of video games since 2016. In 2018, the team launched The Messenger, which was very successful with audiences. Encouraged by this positive feedback, the studio decided to begin developing a role-playing game (RPG). Inspired by 90s classics, the game becomes Sea of ​​​​Stars.

By combining retro aesthetics and modern design, the Sabotage team wanted to create a game that would evoke memories and a certain nostalgia for audiences while providing a new and unique experience. For the members of the team, it was natural to present a universe reminiscent of the 90s. For many, this is the start of a long love affair with video games.

“Sea of ​​Stars is the game of my dreams, and seeing the great enthusiasm of players and critics makes everyone at Sabotage happy,” says Thierry Boulanger, co-founder and creative director of the Sabotage studio.

The game

Sea of ​​​​Stars opens a world where the player can freely navigate and follow multiple quests. It is possible to embark on adventures by meeting other characters and engaging in turn-based battles. We can also develop in the proposed world without restrictions. The player can choose to swim, fish, cook, climb, or even visit taverns to listen to music.

4 million players in less than 4 months for theScreenshot showing the game world.
Photo credit: Studio Sabotage

The universe developed in Sea of ​​​​Stars, but also in The Messenger, offers enormous potential that the members of the studio have not yet exploited: “We can’t wait to show you all the stories we have about this realm “A world full of unique characters,” says a press release.

Sabotage Studio’s offices are located at 633 rue Saint-Joseph Est in the Saint-Roch district.

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