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Christmas is approaching and sales on next-gen consoles are becoming more common, but this time it’s the PS5 Slim that’s the subject of a good deal. The brand new Sony console, which was released during Black Friday, is available at Cdiscount along with two Sony DualSense controllers for 589 euros instead of 619.98 euros. This is a small reduction to have an additional controller.

For Christmas there is still stock for the PS5 SlimSource: Brice Zerouk for Frandroid

Launched just a few weeks ago, the PS5 Slim is a slightly improved version of the original PS5 and includes some welcome new features alongside a slimming treatment. In this good plan, the new Sony console is accompanied by two copies of its official controller, the Sony DualSense, thanks to which we can enjoy an immersive experience with its haptic feedback and its adaptive triggers. The set is now available at a reduced price.

What you should consider with the PlayStation 5 Slim

  • A PS5 that’s slightly lighter and just as powerful as the original
  • Storage space that eventually grows to 1TB
  • Two excellent controllers for local multiplayer

Instead of a total of 619.98 euros, the PlayStation 5 Slim with two Sony DualSense controllers is now on offer at Cdiscount for 589 euros. This is currently the best offer for Christmas!

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Where to buy
Sony PlayStation 5 Slim at the best price?

A PS5 with some welcome new features

The PS5 Slim is presented not as a variation of the original PS5, but as a replacement for it. Both have similarities and the PS5 Slim brings some improvements, including an increase in storage space from 825GB to 1TB. In addition, Sony has retained the option to add a second SSD in the console in case space is tight. In terms of design, the PS5 Slim has a new strip on the front, which in particular allows the disc reader to be removed from the console, since the name “Slim” is a bit exaggerated. This new console loses a few centimeters, but is significantly lighter.

No change in performance. The PS5 Slim is still designed to run natively in 4K with 60 FPS and 120 FPS compatibility. The cooling system has been reduced without affecting performance or ventilation. Finally, the PS5 Slim’s big new feature is its removable drive, which is easy to plug and unplug; it must be registered online via the PS5 to work. In the event of a malfunction, it can be easily replaced, giving this new console a high repairability index.

A controller duo that highlights immersion

In this package, the PS5 Slim is accompanied by two Sony DualSenses, a controller that has attracted a lot of attention because it takes immersion to a higher level. This is primarily due to haptic feedback. These are dynamic and highly precise vibrations that manage to simulate interactions with a virtual environment, be it the feeling of walking on water, against the wind or in the sand. For example, the feeling of making difficult progress in the snow is further enhanced by haptic feedback in God of War Ragnarök.

We can also rely on the adaptive triggers to immerse us in a game. They perfectly simulate a tension or a force exerted on an object such as a bowstring or a brake pedal and allow a perfect dosage of this force. The Sony DualSense is not a perfect controller, but it is thicker and heavier than the DualShock and its battery life is only around ten hours. However, the fact is that the DualSense is considered a small revolution in the gaming world.

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Sony PlayStation 5 Slim Frandroid 2023Sony PlayStation 5 Slim Frandroid 2023

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