Fnac: the black Xbox series – future

The Black Xbox Series For video game lovers: visit the site and enjoy your console at the best price.

Enjoy a powerful console with an excellent design. Available at a discounted price on Fnac, these games are smoother, more stable and faster to improve your gaming experience. Let yourself be seduced by peak performance and take your gaming to the next level. It’s time to immerse yourself in the action, incredible adventures await you.

Harness the unrivaled performance of Xbox Series X Black for incredible virtual adventures

Casual gamer or gaming enthusiast, the Xbox Series is aimed at everyone. Discover this powerful and fast latest generation console, equipped with a Blu-ray player and a 1TB SSD hard drive.

Rediscover your old Xbox games in a better way with this 100% retro-compatible console: the sound and picture quality is there. Enjoy 3D surround sound for a unique experience. This adds an even more realistic dimension to your gaming experience: sound effects, music… for even more adrenaline, let yourself be seduced! Experience unique adventures with the black Xbox Series X.

Enjoy your console here at the best price

An immersive visual experience with the stripped down black Xbox Series

Enjoy ultra-detailed premium graphics with native 4K HDR resolution for absolutely immersive gaming. This console Xbox Series is compatible with 8K HDR technology. You just need to connect it to your 8K TV and let the magic happen.

The most :

  • A breathtaking visual experience, both fluid and dynamic thanks to its frame rate: 120 FPS;
  • This console has massive storage space at 1TB to store a large number of games;
  • Significantly reduced loading times so players can get straight into the action without waiting;
  • Ray tracing gives you even more immersion and ultra-realistic environments thanks to incredible lights and reflections.

The price is €409.99 instead of €499.99.

Enjoy your console here at the best price

Rediscover your favorite games on Xbox Series