Discover the best Prime Gaming games in December 2023 –

The selection of Prime Gaming games in December 2023

Discover the Prime Gaming games available this month:

  • December 7th – Death loop : It’s a new shooting game at the premiere of the Studio Arkane Lyon where two rival assassins are trapped in a mysterious time cycle on the island of Blackreef and are doomed to live the same day over and over again. You play as Colt and your mission is to end this cycle by eliminating 8 key targets before the day begins again. Learn from each cycle, try different strategies, gather information, and acquire new weapons to break the vicious cycle.
  • December 14th – Akka Arrh : This is your Star Cannon, which you control from a Sentinel. Your mission is to push the enemies away so they don’t come closer.
  • December 14th – Ran aground : In the game, you are one of the last human survivors, stranded on an uninhabited island along with other victims of a crash. So you have to show creativity, genius and strategy to survive in this lost world.
  • December 14th – SeaOrama : World of Shipping : In the game you experience the administration of a shipping company. In fact, you need to transport goods from one port to another on time to optimize profits while limiting damage despite the current social climate (wars, worker strikes and embargoes).
  • 21st December – Kombinera : According to reviews, it is the best platformer and puzzle game of the year. You have to make the right combinations with the balls to pass the levels. The colorful balls move together. You must therefore be creative and use the right strategies to advance and save King Kombine from the Kaos Kave.
  • December 28th – A little sticker story : It’s a cozy miniature adventure game in which you have to change the world using the power of stickers. You take on the role of little donkey Flynn, who travels the island of Figori and discovers exciting quests that require the power of a very special magical sticker album.
  • December 28th – Asteroids: Charged : This space shooting game offers a new, more modern challenge for high score hunters. It offers 30 unique and creative challenge levels that take players to new areas around the world.

In addition to these titles, subscribers also have access to Rage 2: Deluxe Edition and to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

Amazon Luna Service: Games available in December

The best Prime Gaming games in December 2023

The members Prime Gaming you can enjoy a varied and new selection of games Amazon Luna cloud gaming service. Here are the games to discover in this month’s Luna Library:

  • Trackmania
  • Strange gardening
  • Bloodrayne: Fresh Bites
  • Steel attack
  • Once upon a time there was a fool

Changes to Prime Gaming Services

Accordingly Christopher HartmanVice President ofAmazon Gamesthe company decided to focus its resources on areas with the greatest growth potential to provide gamers with better service and offering free games every month. This led to the closure of two initiatives: Crown canal And Game growth.

With this reorientation towards efficiency, Amazon The company also had to cut more than 180 jobs.

Products around the world of gaming

To fully enjoy these games, check out some of the latest products available to maximize your experience:

  • SAMSUNG 49 inch Odyssey G9 – gaming monitor
  • Xbox Elite Series 2 – Wireless Controller
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti – 24GB graphics card

Essential accessories for the ultimate gaming experience

Don’t forget these essential accessories to make your experience even better:

  • Corsair T3 RUSH – gaming chair
  • AKRacing Core Series EX – gaming chair

Prime Gaming members can enjoy these incredible games available this December. In addition, with the Amazon Luna service and the numerous products and accessories on offer, the gaming experience promises to be immersive and unforgettable. Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from these extraordinary offers and immerse yourself in these exciting worlds.