Cyberpunk 2077: Opening of public transport and many new features – NoFrag – NoFrag

Just over two months after a major update and the release of its first DLC, Phantom Liberty, Cyberpunk 2077 received a new patch yesterday with a host of new features. Firstly, the game now features a system of subway lines that allow you to “fast travel” or enjoy breathtaking panoramas of Night City! With your Navigo City Pass NCART you can travel to 19 stations, spread across 5 different subway lines. And if the drive is too long for you, don’t worry because you can be lulled to sleep by Night City’s radios. In fact, they are now available on foot or on the subway. The additions therefore focused primarily on immersion for those who may have never used fast travel for the sake of realism.

That’s not all and this patch 2.1 also adds five motorcycles and a car, enough to restart the street races, which are now playable again if you complete the quest “The Beast in Me”. Plus, it’s not just the work on the Night City subway that’s finished, as a new highway lane has opened and you can go around Westbrook, Santo Domingo and Heywood. Note that it is now possible to lean over a motorcycle and perform new stunts! Maybe this will impress your crush, who you can now invite to any of your homes to dance, shower or, for the nerds among you, do it like in real life: show off your sublime katana collection!

(Very) numerous adjustments and other improvements are also on the program: Improvement in boss fights, gangs adapt their behavior if you are too aggressive in certain quests and contracts that involve the theft or delivery of a vehicle can now be used be converted into car chases and/or fight sequences. Several cyberware have also been rebalanced, as has a large weapon pack.

Sounds, graphics and interface have also been refined. The full list of changes brought by this major update can be found here. For the occasion, the developers released the Ultimate version, which includes Cyberpunk 2077 and the game’s Phantom Liberty DLC and is available on the CD Projekt Store for less than 54 euros. You can find it on Steam and EGS for less than €80.