Backup Status adds a widget to Time Machine on macOS Sonoma – MacGeneration

Backup Status is a new application that gives you an additional way to find out the status of your Time Machine backup. Instead of opening System Preferences or About in the menu bar, Backup Status displays the backup status as a widget visible in the Notification Center or on the macOS Sonoma desktop.

Backup Status shows Time Machine status (time for a new backup!)

This widget displays the date of the last backup and the remaining free space on the storage device. It is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. The larger version displays a more complete backup history.

In order for the widget to disclose this information, it is necessary to grant it access to the file “” (the folder containing this file will open automatically when you click “Grant permission”) and authorize its launch when the Mac starts.

Backup status requires macOS Sonoma. The application is available on the Gumroad platform for a minimum amount of $3. Otherwise, since the application is open source, you can compile it yourself.