Apple introduces new data theft prevention feature on iPhone – Le Journal de Montréal

Apple is currently testing a new process on iPhone devices that will make data theft after a phone theft more difficult.

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The feature, currently in testing, would require users to authenticate with a biometric authentication method such as facial recognition and fingerprint, rather than a six-digit code, to access user data such as passwords and settings.

For example, if a user decides to disable the phone’s location service, biometric authentication will be requested first and then a second time an hour later before the change takes effect.

This measure is intended to ensure that the person making changes actually owns the device, CNN reports.

“In the rare event that an attacker sees someone entering their passcode and stealing their phone, this new protection provides a sophisticated additional layer of protection,” Apple said in a statement.

This measure only applies when the phone user is, for example, in an unknown location other than at work or home.

The new feature is currently available to users of the new beta version of the iOS operating system and should be available to everyone in a future update.

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