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The technology could also allow live streams to influence the games you play.

Activision wants to generate video games according to the programsSource: Activision

It’s a very strange patent that Activision has just filed in the United States. Entitled “Systems and Methods for Dynamically Modifying the Content of a Video Game Based on the Content of a Non-Video Game Simultaneously Viewed by a User,” this invention aims to analyze the viewing habits of gamers in order to suggest new games to them as well influence your own current game. Explanations.

Activision wants streaming to influence your games

The technology presented by the publisher concerns a very specific use of video games: when the user plays while watching a live broadcast, be it on television or even on Twitch. Therefore, events occurring in the displayed program can change the ongoing game:

An example of an interaction could be the broadcast of the NBA Finals between the Lakers and the Celtics. If a particular player blocks or the team scores a three-pointer, the user using that blocking player or playing on the scoring team in the video game can receive an increase in the user’s player’s blocking statistics for a predefined period of time or the three through the game server -Scoring shooting accuracy of the user’s players for a predefined period of time.

Source: Activision

Source: Activision

Activision Patent Game 1

The real world could therefore influence the game world in real time. This would also affect broadcasts of esports games if the player is playing the same game on their PC or console:

In another example, the game server may cause an event in the user’s first-person shooter (FPS) game if the user’s local FPS team wins a game on an esports stream that the user is watching.

Create video games on the fly

And Activision’s idea goes even further, as it involves generating games on the fly that are suggested in a window on top of the program the user is currently viewing. The notification comes in the form of an advertisement (we would have been surprised to find the opposite) that must be clicked to start the game.

1700905943 744 Activision wants to generate video games according to the programsThe “generated” game would be displayed in an overlay window // Source: Activision

This is not the first time that the publisher has wanted to get viewers active: another patent filed last October spoke of a technology that would allow viewers of a live broadcast to influence the game itself. Here we’re thinking about what’s already possible with a game like Baldur’s Gate III on Twitch, but on a different scale.

As always, the feasibility of the technologies presented in these types of patents is not explained. How might a television program affect a game being played on another computer? How are these video games “generated” on the fly? So many questions that may never be answered.