A buyer's act of revenge against an “inconsiderate” fellow customer divides TikTok


Published December 10, 2023, 2:43 pm ET

A shopper has detailed her wild act of revenge against an “inconsiderate” fellow customer after he failed to “give way” to her while queuing at the supermarket.

Lani Hyde, who has more than 41,000 followers on the platform, told TikTok the “nasty” story and asked viewers if she was “in the wrong” for taking the woman’s bacon, eggs and butter off the conveyor belt and her I bought myself in retaliation.

Hyde went to the supermarket to buy two ingredients she was “missing” to make dinner.

“I’m getting there, I’ve done it [my son] “Hudson on my hip… and he’s having a tantrum, and you can imagine a tantrum, 30 pounds, almost two years old, pulling my hair and scratching me,” she began.

“I saw this arrogant lady, she was staring at me and buttering me up because Hudson’s screaming obviously pissed her off, [just] like it makes me mad, but what are you doing? You can’t tell them to shut up because they just won’t listen.”

So far, so normal.

“Anyway, all I have are these two things… I get to the checkout – the self-checkouts don’t work, so I’m like, ‘Damn, I’m going to have to get in line with all the people who do this.’ “I have huge trolleys,” Hyde continued – and this is where the incident takes a turn.

“I had to stand behind the lady who was staring at me. And guess what? It wasn’t her turn yet, there was someone else in front of her who was doing his shopping and she saw that I only had these two [items] And I think I’m holding Hudson and he’s hitting me and scratching me and she’s just lubing me up, looking me up and down, keeping piling her things on the counter and not letting me do little things for two years.

“So, being the absolute spiteful bitch that I am, she piled up all her groceries, she had so much it came to $407. So I took her eggs and bacon and her butter that was at the back of the pile. I just leaned it back towards me and put her in it [her items] before that, and I bought it.

TikTok user Lani Hyde shared her story of getting revenge on one TikTok user Lani Hyde shared her story of getting revenge on an “inconsiderate” shopper at a grocery store. TikTok/@thehydefive

“This butter is a butter that I actually use, I use eggs of course, bacon, normally I would use streaky bacon but I use short bacon. So I hope she comes home and doesn’t get eggs and bacon tomorrow because she’s an inconsiderate bitch.

“Am I wrong? Because my husband was like, “Oh my God, you can’t do that.” And I’m like, ‘I fucking did that.’ I did it. Fk her. The way she looked at me was so bad that she literally looked at me like Hudson was the biggest germ in the world.”

Suffice it to say, Hyde’s behavior divided the more than 2,600 people who visited the clip’s comments section.

Many told her flatly that she was “wrong.”

“Yeah I don’t know first in best dressed honestly that’s a queue,” one viewer wrote.

“It’s not nice of her to bother you, but she didn’t owe you her place in line.”

A second agreed, commenting: “It’s strange that people struggle to understand the concept of how a queue works and how many things you pay for… No one is obliged to.”

Some said she could have “just asked to go in front of her since you only had two things instead of waiting for her to offer.”

“I didn’t expect this story to turn out…I asked if I could just move on if my kids lost it but I didn’t take their items,” said another.

Hyde picked up a few items from the shopper's pile at the checkout.Hyde picked up a few items from the shopper’s pile at the checkout. TikTok/@thehydefive

However, others said Hyde was “the kind of small-minded person I want to be.”

“Everyone is so angry but personally I think this is so funny, it’s just eggs and bacon,” one said.

“I 100% love this. It’s not hard to be a nice person, nice people get bacon and eggs!” another wrote.

“I’m so depressed by this kind of pettiness,” agreed a third.

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