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BANGKOK, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ZTECorporation (0763.HK/000063.SZ), a global leader in information technology and communications solutions, has opened its annual 5G Summit & User Congress 2023 in Thailand. Under the theme “Embrace the Digital Nexus”, this two-day event brought together telecom regulators, industry alliances, standards organizations, operators, think tanks, industry partners and renowned analysts such as those from GSMA, IMT-2020(5G) PG, IMT-2030(6G) PG, CCSA , TMF, ABI, CCS Insight as well as other co-partners around the world. The aim was to share valuable ideas, perspectives and practical case studies while exploring trends related to 5G, future networks and the digital landscape.

At the summit was XiaoMing, president of ZTE’s overseas division, delivered a keynote speech and emphasized that in this 5G-A connected world, where space and earth are closely connected, the ubiquitous network plays a central role. He highlighted the influence of factors such as augmented reality (XR) and the metaverse, which are creating previously unimaginable realities. Ming emphasized the power of digital power for the growth of all industries, driving human civilization to overcome obstacles and continuously advance in this era of change. He concluded by emphasizing that the innovators among us bring these advances to life and that this continued evolution will lead to a prosperous connected century.

Xiao Ming highlighted ZTE’s perspectives and practices in the digital industry. By collaborating with 110 operators on 5G, we have built an ecosystem with more than 1,000 industry partners, he said. Our vision for the future emphasizes digital cohesion, where functionality is modular, easily accessible and customizable. We continue to focus on capacity, efficiency, fusion and respect for the environment.

JohnHoffman, CEO of GSMA Ltd., said: 5G networks, 5GAdvance and the technologies they enable will revolutionize the world. However, it is important to work together to build a sustainable future where everyone, everywhere can benefit from connectivity. The ZTE 5G Summit offers the industry a great opportunity to share knowledge and best practices for the future, and we look forward to continuing these discussions at MWC Barcelona2024!

RudolfSchrefl, CEO of Hutchison Drei Austria, emphasized: The introduction of 5G is not just a technological advancement, but represents a revolution in customer experience by creating connections between people and devices at unprecedented speed and reliability. This makes every digital interaction a seamless journey, transforming the way we live, work and interact with the world around us.

During the event, ZTE showcased its innovative products, solutions and best practices at the Thailand Innovation Center, emphasizing the interconnected and transformative nature of all elements of the digital landscape.

In the 100% wireless space, ZTE unveiled strategies to modernize existing 4G networks for future 5G success. The presentation pushed the boundaries of 5G experiences, coverage and services and highlighted the importance of improving networks using native tools and green energy infrastructure.

As a leader in all-optical networking, ZTE has brought a new dimension of value to all-optical networking through a comprehensive product line. This underlines ZTE’s commitment to promoting optical network technologies.

In the server and storage industry, ZTE has played an important role in the digital era by offering comprehensive server and storage solutions and providing the necessary performance to meet growing digital needs.

ZTE Mobile Devices is in line with the global brand vision of “Better for All” by introducing many innovative smart devices at the event.

Working with operators and industry and ecosystem partners, ZTE aims to build a digital and intelligent ecosystem for shared success and will continue to play its role in promoting sustainable development. For more information, please visit: https://www.zte.com.cn/global/about/exhibition/5g_summit_2023.html


ZTE helps connect the world through continuous innovation for a better future. The company offers innovative technologies and integrated solutions. Its portfolio covers all areas of wireless and wireline telecommunications, devices and professional services. Serving more than a quarter of the world’s population, ZTE is committed to creating a digital and intelligent ecosystem, enabling connectivity and trust everywhere. ZTE is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges. www.zte.com.cn/global


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ZTECorporation (0763.HK/000063.SZ), a global leader in information technology and communications solutions, has opened its annual 5G Summit & User Congress 2023 in Thailand. Under the motto “Embrace the…”


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