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The Chinese smartphone giant Huawei has officially presented its new charging station. The latter can deliver an output of 600 kW thanks to liquid cooling. This is huge and will charge an electric car in less than 10 minutes.

With this new Huawei terminal you can charge an electricLi Auto electric car, for illustration

If we know that drivers want a car with a long range, we also know that they are wrong. Actually, it doesn’t really matter, provided fast loading follows. For that, You need a developed network and fast terminals, as the father of the Nissan Leaf explained.

A great power

In fact, charging infrastructures are developing rapidly, with France surpassing the 100,000 terminal mark a little earlier in the year. In addition, many operators now offer high performance, such as Lidl with its 360 kW terminals and Fastned, which reaches 400 kW, but not with us at the moment. But when we leave Europe we find it even stronger.

And for good reason, the record is currently held by VRMET, a subsidiary of the Chinese group Geely, which recently unveiled a deliverable terminal not less than 600 kW. That’s better than Nio’s, which is limited to 500 kW but still allowed a charge in just 12 minutes. Obviously, this race for power creates desire and pushes other companies to get involved.

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This is the case with Huawei, for example. The Chinese company, best known for its smartphones, is also very interested in cars. So much so that the company partnered with Chery to create the Luxeed brand, and Changhan Automobiles and CATL to create Avatr, which is expected to be available in Europe soon. But that’s not all, because the company also wants to establish itself in the fast charging market.

Last April, the latter lifted the veil on its first terminal, which can deliver up to 600 kW. The goal ? Compete with Tesla and its Superchargers, which are currently limited to just 250 KW. This new system, called Fusion Charge, complements the wallbox offering already offered by Huawei. And its properties are promising.

Innovative technology

The company has just organized a major conference to showcase its products The new Luxeeed S7 has been officially presented. The opportunity for Huawei to finally show the final version of its terminal, to be put into operation for the very first time in 2025 according to initial rumors.

According to information from the Chinese website AutoHome, this charger is intended to provide recovery Up to 200 kilometers in just 5 minutes. With a maximum current of 650 amps, an electric car could achieve an output of 600 kW on an 800-volt architecture. Enough to take the new Li Auto Mega car from 10 to 80% in 10 minutes.

Please note that this probably corresponds to the CLTC cycle, which gives about 170 kilometers according to the European WLTP standard. This is still very promising and reminds us of what Polestar, which has partnered with StoreDot, is preparing. It would only take 5 minutes to restore around 160 kilometers of range with the Polestar 5.

With this new Huawei terminal you can charge an electric

The company will use liquid cooling, as Tesla does for its Megachargers with an output of up to 1 MWh. A solution also being investigated by NASA to charge an electric car in just five minutes. According to Huawei, This device would also only emit 60 dB when charging and can last up to ten years.

It remains to be seen whether this terminal will use the charging standard recently presented by the Chinese government, which still uses the CHAdeMO 3.1 technology, which is increasingly neglected by manufacturers. Huawei may prefer Tesla’s CCS or NACS, which are becoming increasingly established, especially in the US, where they are on the verge of becoming the new standard.

Originally posted 2023-11-10 12:06:18.