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For some a simple gadget, for others a real revolution. Last week, the mysterious American start-up Humane officially launched – via an unenthusiastic video – the marketing of the product with which it raised $230 million: a voice assistant equipped with generative artificial intelligence that you can wear on your body, so to speak a brooch. The device, called AI Pin, is also equipped with a small laser projector that transmits images into the palm of your hand. According to its designers, it must pave the way for the post-smartphone era and free its users from the screens that have invaded their lives. But this announced revolution has not yet proven their interest. And the price is very high, which raises great doubts about its commercial potential.

Connected to ChatGPT – The AI ​​Pin uses the principle of voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant, which are already popular on speakers and smartphones. But he pushes the principle further: the answers are provided by conversation robots, in particular ChatGPT, developed by the start-up OpenAI, whose boss Sam Altman is one of Humane’s shareholders. The AI ​​Pin can therefore answer questions – with the same shortcomings as ChatGPT: In the presentation video it gives incorrect information about the next solar eclipse. A summary of a day’s missed emails and messages can also be created. It can serve as a real-time translator by recreating the user’s voice. And thanks to its camera, it allows the identification of objects placed in front of it.

Monthly subscription – The AI ​​Pin can be pre-ordered in the USA from Thursday, delivery is announced for “early 2024” and will be sold for 699 dollars (653 euros) – no information was given about a possible international launch. This price seems all the more important since the device also requires a monthly subscription of 24 dollars, which allows you to benefit from unlimited calls, host photos and videos in the cloud and, above all, ask as many questions as you want to the device assistant. This dual pricing can be explained by Humane’s desire to replace smartphones and not just be a simple addition. But it also reflects an economic reality: the start-up has to pay fees to AI services for every request from its users.

No apps – Launched in 2018 by two former Apple employees, Humane hopes to capitalize on two trends: the search for the next dominant platform and the enthusiasm for generative artificial intelligence. An ambition that is also shared by Sam Altman, who is linked to John Ive, Apple’s former star designer. Managers plan to produce 100,000 units of this first version. Before I see much bigger. But beyond the price, the AI ​​Pin seems to be missing the most important thing: a real value proposition. Not only has the startup not revealed a killer app that could justify purchasing its device. But it also chose to limit its potential by not providing application storage. Humane may have the opportunity to rectify the situation.

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Originally posted 2023-11-13 22:50:30.