Windows 11 23H2, Media Creation Tool has been updated – GinjFo

Microsoft has finally updated its Media Creation Tool utility to support Windows 11 23H2. The tool is available on the operating system download page.

As the name suggests, this utility (media creation tool) allows you to create a USB stick or bootable DVD to reinstall or perform a clean install of Windows 11 on a new or already used PC. It is required to have a Windows 11 license and a device eligible for the feature update, also known as 23H2.

Windows 11 23H2, will your Windows 11 PC be compatible?

Downloading the necessary files requires an Internet connection and sufficient storage space on the computer, USB stick, or external drive to which you are downloading the .iso file.

Windows 11 23H2 and the Media Creation Tool

After waiting two weeks, the utility was updated. It now supports Windows 11 23H2 with recovery from installation ISOs smaller than those available for direct download.

The Media Creation Tool also offers the ability to speed up the deployment of the operating system on your PC. You can force the change to 23H2 using the “Update this PC now” option. You no longer have to wait for Windows Update to arrive. On the other hand, you must be careful because this method involves risks, especially if the operating system is not offered by Windows Update. Finally, if the process doesn’t work, it probably detects known problems.

The Media Creation Tool is one of three available methods to install Windows that we have detailed for you in this message.