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WhatsApp has made progress in improving its Linked Devices feature, which allows users to connect up to four devices even without internet access on their primary phone, and a new feature has already been spotted.

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Good news for WhatsApp users who use multiple devices with the same account. A recent beta version, WhatsApp Beta for Android version, shows that the messaging app is working on a feature that allows users to share status updates directly from a linked device.

The introduction of Companion Mode earlier this year expanded access to linked devices, including some features such as: However, some features, such as posting status updates, were limited to the primary device. The latest beta says so WhatsApp is finally addressing this limitationwhich provides the ability to share status updates across linked devices.

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You will soon be able to change your status from another device

With this new feature, users shouldn’t get too lost. Posting a status on a secondary phone works the same as on the primary device. Users navigate to the Status tab and need to tap the pen or camera icon at the bottom right. The update includes standard photo editing tools and the ability to share status updates in various formats including voice, text, video/image or GIF.

Although the feature is currently in beta testing and is not yet generally available, It should be available to additional beta testers in the coming days and weeks. Some have reported difficulty accessing the feature on paired devices despite using the stated beta version. Therefore, it is possible that WhatsApp will reserve them for a small group of users for now.

In recent weeks, WhatsApp has been actively improving its features and introducing new ones. The introduction of screen sharing, first tested in May and generally available since August, now includes support for video and audio during screen sharing. Therefore, WhatsApp is being positioned as a more comprehensive video chat application with the hope of competing with Zoom and Google Meet.

Source: WABetaInfo