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MONTREAL – November 8, 2023 – As it enters its third decade, Quebec’s video game sector is among the industry’s top five global production hubs, valued at $1.4 billion. With more than 280 studios, 86% of which belong to Quebec interests, a study by Habo Studio For The Quebec Video Game Guild and financed by Interactive behavior examines the key factors of this success.

Analysis of the results reveals four critical elements to Quebec’s emergence as a global leader in video games. First, Quebec’s globally recognized creativity and international reputation attracts the best video game developers and the most promising talent. Over the last three decades, the industry has experienced significant growth, characterized by the arrival of large international studios and the presence of employees primarily qualified in digital creativity and video games.

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Due to Quebec’s geographic location and cultural ties to the United States and Europe, Quebec studios are strategically positioned to operate in both markets. The high quality of life in Quebec, particularly in Montreal, as well as multiculturalism play a crucial role in attracting talent. Additionally, schools that offer specializations in video game development help build a local talent pool.

In terms of labor force, almost 15,000 people residing in Quebec are directly employed in the video game industry, and the vast majority of them express great satisfaction and commitment. It also creates a passionate and collaborative community where developers and producers define themselves as gamers first, contributing to the passion and pride they feel for their work.

In terms of innovation and agility, the developers and producers surveyed believe that the video game industry in Quebec is characterized by advanced technical skills, strong team spirit, mutual support, curiosity and valued agility.

Finally, the report highlights that Quebec stands out in the video game industry thanks to a combination of technical expertise and creativity, with productions enjoying great international success. In a growing global industry, the province is well positioned to benefit from future industry growth.

For more information about the study in French, visit this Quebec Video Game Guild page.

Further information in English about the study can be found on this Quebec Video Game Guild page.


The Quebec Video Game Guild is a non-profit cooperative that brings together independent and international video game developers, creators, educational institutions and entrepreneurs in related businesses based in Quebec. A unified voice of more than 330 members and a global leader in the sector, The Guild is the largest group of its kind in the world.


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